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Gary and his team at Magnolia Web Designs is awesome at what they do... getting websites ranked higher on search engines.

They have helped me with a couple websites of mine over the past few years. He and his team researched my competition and let me know who I was up against.

Pretty straight up about things.

On one site of mine he flat told me I was getting into a tough industry and if I didn't have deep pocket (which I don't) then I wouldn't last very long. I appreciated the honestly, something you don't see much in the web design world where other companies promised me things that never happened.

I'll be using them again in the future on other web site ideas. Thanks again guys

Gary is awesome! I got the run around by so-called "SEO" guys in the past, until I met Gary.

He took one look at my site and told me a number of things that it was missing (most of it was "Greek" to me) and what he could do for my site. He also didn't promise 1st page rankings like all the other guys did. He was straight up with me and honest.

After a few weeks he got my site on the 1st page and finally I started getting views to my site.

Magnolia Web Designs did a great job on my site and traffic is up by a mile! I'm getting business from new customers on a daily basis.

Thanks again for all your help.

About our Web Design Services in Katy Texas...

Building and growing an effective website and social media presence is becoming increasingly necessary for local companies. It used to be easy to get away with a website built by your friend or relative but that's not the case any more. Placing your business online heavily depends now on a professional web designer to accomplish your business goals.

Magnolia Web Designs is your key to web design services in Katy, Texas. We are a highly reputable web design company with a proven track record. We design your website to not only look appealing but well optimized for search engines which gives you an extra edge over your competitors.

Our web design services in the Katy, Texas area can increase your customer base and help keep them coming back. We incorporate your individual brand into the web design and create a site that truly delivers your products or services to the public.

Your website is a 24 hour silent salesman for your business. With professional web design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, your online presence will target customers searching for your specific products and services.

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